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Thread: Anyone have tips on how to score a PVM/BVM/GVM monitor

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    Default Anyone have tips on how to score a PVM/BVM/GVM monitor

    I've been after a professional or broadcast/graphic monitor for years never wanting to settle for a Sony trinitron CRT. My ideal size is something 13-20 inches. Don't really want to go any smaller and any bigger is too heavy for a TV. It's why I despise Sony trinitron despite their popularity. Their 30 inch sizes weigh more then I do.

    I've emailed numerous video production companies with very little responses. It seems they are more interested in looking for clients to provide their services too.
    Seems they don't want to deal with people looking to buy old gear from them. Half the reason why I got no responses is probably because the people handling that department have no authority or don't know if they even have what your looking for so you're just not going to get responses. Which totally makes sense. These companies are providing video production services, not equipment sales.

    My very last option is I am going to start frequenting local electronics recyclers near me. I think that is going to be a crap shoot too. Because of liability reasons I doubt most places will let you look around and I'm guessing most people you ask about these monitors aren't going to have a clue what the hell you're talking about.

    It just makes me wonder where people get these in quantities to begin with because I've gone those routes people speak of and the only time I see them for sale is once in a blue moon on facebook market place or craigslist. Last PVM I passed on was $50 bucks but was too small at 8 inches. In hindsight that was a pretty good deal but not the best for multiplayer games on a 8 inch screen so really It's not a loss either because at that point I'd rather just go with a CRT then.

    These do seem to be climbing in demand and price and with the way parts and repairs are I'm not going out and going to pay market value for one only to have the thing die in a few weeks. Nowadays you can get a CRT TV for free by just waiting for someone to upgrade their CRT TV, they normally will let you haul of their CRT since they would have to pay to dump it anyway.

    I just watched a video of this ladies youtube video. It's really hard to say if she or the seller was in the right or wrong. I mean in theory if the monitor worked when the buyer received it and died shortly after that its not the sellers fault when it comes to old hardware. If you wanted a warranty on one buy it through a company that offers one.
    You can sell a working one of these to someone and they receive it working and then two weeks after use its a lemon. Like CRT TV's there is potential for a lot of hardware failure. I have one in my family room that worked last year and now won't even power on.

    I know one thing with these monitors, if you're paying anything near market value you really want to test these and inspect them. Caveat emptor.

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    Live in California (do not do this, it is hazardous to your health and mental stability)?

    Some of the RGB nuts on Youtube will probably have better recommendations on how to find displays.
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    Getting an early Sony Trinitron would be good as well.
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    I’d see Sony XBR CRTs practically being given away on Craig’s list. Component video is good enough, especially if you can get a Sony Hi-Scan set.
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    I just kept an eye on craigslist until a nice one at the right price ($100?) came along. It's 13(?)" and I bought from a guy who worked professionally editing news segements.

    It's a good size for playing tate arcade games practically.

    With that said, as good as the screen has aged, it doesn't come close to my 32" Trinitron using component. Which is why I only use it for tate games.
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    You're located in Florida and still having a hard time finding a PVM? It seems like Cali and Florida are the one place these things are actually in abundance. Maybe get in contact with the local community and reach out. You might not get it at a dirt cheap price, but you'll probably get it at a decent price still compared to ebay, plus not having to pay to freight it would be a bonus.
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