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Thread: PAL Mega Drive - black screen and strange region issue

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    Default PAL Mega Drive - black screen and strange region issue

    I'm trying to fix my friend's unmodded Mega Drive and I'm totally stumped.

    When a cartidrge is in, the console displays the "Produced By..." license but then it's followed by a black screen. None of the games I tested would boot, aside from Rambo 3 which booted a grey Sega screen with a white box where the Sega logo should be and then crashed.

    Weirdly, some games (such as Street Fighter 2, Aladdin) boot but they display a region message despite being a PAL game on a PAL console!

    I've thoroughly cleaned the cartridge slot and re-aligned the pins but no dice. I've taken the console apart to look for bad soldering joints but haven't found anything.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    The first thing you want to do is take a dive into the Genesis II service manual. Look at the schematics and identify the PAL region pin on the main ASIC. I'd imagine that you possibly have a short on that pin. a lock after TMSS usually indicates Z80 issue, but since you have some games booting I bet you have a short or maybe even a broken trace to the cart slot. .

    I'm developing a detailed repair guide for issues like this, but since it's unpaid labor and my schedule is packed ( and I have bills up to my ears ) I probably won't be finishing it anytime soon. Check back on my site later though, cause it will be going up at some point.

    Also be sure to check the Genesis 1 service manual that I added links to in the service manual thread by omp. It has a super useful flow repair chart in there.
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    Sorry to hijack but I am unable to make threads so wondered if someone could help.

    I recently did a 10mhz overclock mod on my model 1 mega drive. This worked but there must have been a bad solder joint somewhere as my switch sometimes did nothing, so I went back and re-soldered my joints, however I foolishly forgot to unplug the console from the mains.... when I booted a game the SEGA logo was all messed up and glitched, and now I just get a black screen 99% of the time. Did I fry the console?

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