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Thread: "SNES has a more powerful CPU and higher resolution in games than the Genesis"

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    Quote Originally Posted by axel View Post
    My favorite split-screen "racing" on the Genesis is the Vs. mode in Sonic 2, I would have bought an entire game like that with more courses and playable characters.
    It doesn't fit your description exactly but have you played Dashin' Desperadoes?

    Quote Originally Posted by Black_Tiger View Post
    But yeah, most of the best PC Engine games aren't in most English roms sets and are rarely seen in motion by people who use the term "moonrunes". So youtube fans pick games like Ordyne instead of Ai Cho Aniki, Final Lap Twin instead of Anearth Fantasy Stories, Tailspin instead of Future Boy Conan, Gunboat instead of Macross Eternal Love Song, etc... and then lament the lack of parallax in every game.
    I don't think that's really accurate. For one thing, Ai Cho Aniki is internet famous for its surreal and homoerotic content -- in my experience, I've seen/heard about Ai Cho Aniki from other people far more often than Ordyne. I happen to own both and people occasionally recognize Ai Cho Aniki IRL but nobody has ever heard of Ordyne. People only talk about Talespin because it's a game based on a popular Disney cartoon from the early 90s, which gets it on a lot of lists, and also is often contrasted with the semi-popular NES game. Whereas Future Boy Conan is an anime from 1978 that very few Westerners know of, nor does it have a more famous game on another platform to invite comparison (there was a 3DO game too but it's even more obscure).

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    Quote Originally Posted by j_factor View Post
    It doesn't fit your description exactly but have you played Dashin' Desperadoes?
    No I had not but THANK YOU for telling me about it... it's like a split-screen Spin Master on the Genesis! Definitely gotta try this one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sik View Post

    *looks up screenshots*


    OK yeah there are black borders on the sides. They presumably blend in with the sides of the monitor? (and when watching videos on YouTube, it likes to pad the sides with black too so it blends there as well, and emulators in widescreen will also pad with black borders…)
    The Amiga is running a 7.159mhz pixel dot clock (slightly lower for PAL), same as PCE's mid res mode and higher than Genesis 6.7mhz dot clock mode. So a 320x game on the Amiga has the same screen realstate as 300px on the Genesis 6.7mhz mode, or the equivalent of 240px wide of 256px on common 5.37mhz dot clock of the 8/16bit consoles.

    So that means SotB on the Amiga is basically equivalent showing 270px clipped width in 320x mode on the Genesis, or 216px clipped width in 256px mode.

    Quote Originally Posted by axel View Post
    I guess I missed the part on SMS R-Type, I thought the port was very good considering the hardware. The PCE port is much closer to the arcade but still has sprite dropouts and flicker at busy moments. The real disappointment is the SNES port, graphics look good but there's slowdown in every stage.

    Sapphire would be a masterpiece on any 16-bit platform, goes to show that by the mid '90s developers knew how to get the most out of the hardware. The fact that it can load tons of pre-rendered animation from a CD to 2.25 MB of RAM certainly doesn't hurt.
    PCE has full vram access during active display, but there's no DMA from local to the VDC. If you use the cpu's block transfer instructions, you're limited to 64bytes per scanline. So while yeah you're not limited to vblank for updates, that still cuts more into CPU time than on the Genesis and SNES. That's what makes Sapphire impressive in my opinion (and doing that without slowdown with two players simultaneously). PCE can speed up that rate to 91bytes per scanline transfer if you embedded the graphics as ST1/ST2 opcodes, but you can't do that out of arcade card ram and it also doubles the storage space for graphics. And because of the doubling of size, I don't know of any game that uses that trick (only demos and homebrew).

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