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Thread: Silpheed rear artwork

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    Default Silpheed rear artwork

    I've noticed that the rear case artwork for Silpheed is rarely found to be in good condition. What I mean is that it always seems to be wavy rather than flat, sort of like what happens when exposed to moisture. I have two copies in my collection, both bought years apart, and both have the same degree of waviness to the rear artwork. A local game store has two copies in stock, and both of those are wavy to almost the same degree. I also e-mailed an Ebay seller and his copy has waviness.

    It seems this particular game is more prone to rear artwork damage than other games, though Sega CD games in particular seem to be damaged far more than PS1 or Saturn longbox games. I wonder if a different type of paper was used on some games. While it's possible that some were exposed to moisture over the years, it seems improbable that 5 individual copies each show nearly identical flaws.

    EDIT - I e-mailed 2 more Ebay sellers and both say the artwork is wavy. I did find one who says it's flat so I bought it - I'll see for myself when I get it.
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    I know for a fact different paper was used for the Earthworm Jim CD case. Most games have a back insert with a slightly thicker paper stock, like if you hold it from the side it won't really droop. But EWJ is totally like just a glossy printer paper time. The first time I got mine I thought it was a knock off/reprint but others have confirmed it having the same lighter paper stock.
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