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Thread: Breakers Revenge NEO•GEO AES

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    Default Breakers Revenge NEO•GEO AES


    Original Visco / NCI / NeoAyato release, NOT the PixelHeart reprint.

    £450 shipped in UK, overseas PM for shipping quote.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StandardDeluxe View Post
    Original Visco / NCI / NeoAyato release, NOT the PixelHeart reprint.

    £450 shipped in UK, overseas PM for shipping quote.
    I'm sorry sir but as cool as the cover looks, sale of conversions isn't allowed here.


    2. Distribution of illegal wares is strictly prohibited - This includes all pirates goods which isn't manufactured by the respective companies. "*Bootlegs, CDR's, MP3's, NGF"* to name a few will be immediately deleted w/o notice by an administrator or global moderator in the event that your thread is considered to be a violation of these terms. Recurring violations will result in an immediate and permanent termination of your account.
    This is a title that was not officially released by VISCO outside of MVS Format so sadly you'll have to sell it elsewhere. If you're not sure of the whole story about this then I'd suggest checking out this thread.


    If you bought this cart from him without knowing this then you got scammed. NeoAyato has never had any official license from SNK to manufacture or produce Neo*Geo software in MVS or NGH formats.

    Here's the Master List of all official SNK released games for the Neo*Geo for MVS, Japan, English, and EU Regions.


    Breaker's Revenge Sadly was only released on MVS while the 1st game made it to Home Cart in Japan only.

    Going to lock this thread but if you have any questions, feel free to PM me.
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