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Thread: 32X Game Development Quote from Takayuki Kawagoe

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    32X 32X Game Development Quote from Takayuki Kawagoe

    This is a translated excerpt from an interview with Takayuki Kawagoe that was published in the Sega Consumer History book. He served as product manager on the 32X games that were developed in Japan.

    Quote Originally Posted by Takayuki Kawagoe
    The American side was the first to bring up the idea of making the 32X. The Mega Drive sold about 12 million units in America and 7 million units in Europe, and on top of that, there were those who believed that an expensive new console would not sell well in America. So it was decided to release a “power-up booster” for the Mega Drive.

    However, the game lineup was quite weak. There was no time to get ready, since we only had ten months between the decision to make the unit and the release. We were able to re-use the Mega Drive’s development tools to a certain extent, which made things a bit easier, but there were no 32X-specific tools at all. In the end, a lot of the games were just 16-bit games transferred to the 32X, such as Cyber Brawl (Cosmic Carnage), Chaotix, and Tempo. There were also continuations of already popular titles, such as Virtua Racing Deluxe. And we went for “easy-to-do” titles (bitter laugh). We did complete ports of After Burner Complete and Space Harrier that really brought the hardware’s new functions to life. And we made Virtua Fighter at the strong request of SOA. But of all the titles we did, I’m happy that we were able to make the excellent and original Metal Head and Stellar Assault (Shadow Squadron).
    It is pretty crazy to think that there were only 10 months from the time the 32X was conceived to the time games were on store shelves.

    He also mentions elsewhere that it was difficult for developers to be stuck working on Mega Drive or 32X games when their colleagues were all focused on the new Saturn hardware. That reflects what Kazuyuki Hoshino, Chaotix developer, said in MD Collected Works:

    Quote Originally Posted by Kazuyuki Hoshino
    From my perspective, the Super 32X was very clearly a piece of hardware born out of the transitional period between console cycles. It was simply meant to be “a faster version of the Mega Drive” for the North American market. At that time we were completely absorbed with the far superior ability of expression offered by the Sega Saturn.
    I appreciate that Kawagoe praised Metal Head and Shadow Squadron. I loved both of those games back in the day. Metal Head gets criticized all the time, but I enjoyed it.

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    I'm also a fan of Metal Head, it has some quirks but is overall a good way to spend some time with the console.
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    I liked Metal Head too. The run button should have been the default, but otherwise it controlled well and had surprisingly decent graphics. Those voiced talking heads are pretty hilarious, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xelement5x View Post
    I'm also a fan of Metal Head, it has some quirks but is overall a good way to spend some time with the console.
    It's too slow for me, but it was fun and a well-made game. I was really impressed with Star Wars Arcade myself the USA team did wonders on that
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    one of the best 3D shooting games available
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