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Thread: MD infrared controller and plasma tv

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    Genesis MD infrared controller and plasma tv

    I'd like ask about this matter.

    I have the official MD infrared controller, it work perfectly on CRT but has problems on plasma TV.
    When using with the Plasma, some inputs are completely lost.

    I noticed that it depends on the scene on screen, for example darker scenes with lots of blacks make the pad completely useless, while on scene with ligth colors, the pad works fine.

    Is there a way to fix this or infared pads are simply a no-go for plasmas?

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    From my quick search on google it looks like plasma is interfering with IR, but the fix is just using tape (?).
    Yes, plasmas can interfere with an IR signal (especially reception by an ir receiver like a xantech). But the fix is easy -- just place a piece of plain old masking tape over the xantech receiver. The tape is translucent enough to allow the actual remote ir signal in but opaque enough to cut done plasma interference sufficiently to avoid confusing the equipment..
    Quote is from a user on the avsforum. One of the first links I found on google.

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