I recently sold the game Cliffhanger for SMD on Ebay but now the buyer has messaged me because the manual has a very hard time fitting in the "manual slot" in the box.
He says that this is due to it being the wrong box for this game. This was the box I received the game in when I bought it many years ago and I can remember that I wondered myself over the fact that the manual could barely fit into the slot without being damaged because its so thick. I just thought they printed the manual without thinking too much about the thickness.

If I find out that he is correct (and he very well may be) I have offered a full refund or price reduction, which he has accepted.

But the question is.. does your Cliffhanger manual fit nicely into the manual "clips" or is it crammed in there with damaging force?

I have included images of the game. Maybe someone can see right away if this is the wrong box?