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Thread: MegaSD CD test with Mars 32x? Anyone test it?

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    Media MegaSD CD test with Mars 32x? Anyone test it?


    This tested with 32x yet? Wondering if this can be plugged into expansion plug of the core (Genesis or Megadrive) with custom assembled cable. The cartridge pins are shared with expansion plug. I don't have money to test but unfortunately it sounds too similar to Everdrive (starts up from fpga Ram). I'm concerned how it would react to an extension RAM cartridge as well (or backup RAM cartridge for that matter).

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    #1 who calls the 32X the Mars 32X? Should it at least be Sega Genesis Mega Drive Marz Super 32X Hyper Console?

    #2 it doesn't run CD games with a 32X attached unless you have a dongle which isn't for sale yet.

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