Hi all,
I am selling my US snes system with a few games.

The system can only play US games and works perfectly. The controller works well despite a slighty damage cable, the power supply is for EU plugs and it is "custom made". It is not an official snes power supply.
The system is yellow...all of is in bad condition, but again, it works well. It is for gamers, not for collectors!

The games are all in loose condition and all US games

Super Mario RPG (saving features ok)---JAP,US esclusive game
The Pirates of the Dark Water--US, EU esclusive game
Super Mario All-Star (saving features ok)--with the Mario the Lost Level
Space Megaforce (Super Aleste in Japan and Europe) .

All for 250 euros, shipping not included. Shipping from France. There is a possibility to sell games on the system on their own!

I am also open to trade so let me know if trading would be an option for you.