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Thread: Secret Santa 2019 Official Thread

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    Finally recovered enough from norovirus to post my secret Santa! A copy of F1 championship and this bad boy! Excuse the poor photography! Amazing gifts I'm extremely chuffed 😁

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    Norovirus? Merry Christmas! Happy flu year I suppose... Glad you like them Matt.

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    I was going to post on the day after Christmas, but the server was down of course.

    I got this!

    Of course I've been good...

    Oh my god...it's all the games I wanted in one go!

    For those who don't know Boris Vallejo was the original artist for the Ecco game covers, and is a very unique fantasy artist.

    Super Mario Galaxy is pretty ok so far, the last Mario game I really enjoyed was 64 and Sunshine was abysmal. Galaxy is nice but I'm only at the beginning.

    Billy Hatcher I've always wanted to play. It's great so far but strange.


    Fantasy Zone and PS0 I haven't tried yet, not enough time...

    Thank you Santa!

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    ^ Nice! I'm a fan of Boris Vellejo as well. I really like his Wings of Wor cover art and have some of his books as well. I'm also a big fan of Fantasy Zone. You should try that one next.

    Quote Originally Posted by WarmSignal View Post
    My Santa got me Zillion and Hyper 3D Pinball!
    Hyper 3D Pinball is pretty solid. I tend to prefer pinball games that aren't really table simulators such as Dragon's Fury, but Hyper 3D is pretty good. I hosted a pinball party a while back with various stations around my house. The Wii and Saturn stations were right next to each other, and a friend of mine and I were looking at Hyper 3D and Dream Pinball 3D, and it was kind of funny how they advertised themselves in almost the exact same manner despite being released so far apart. Also, Dream Pinball is a much worse game - it isn't even close.

    Quote Originally Posted by Assault9 View Post
    No worries about the condition of the copy of Pit Fighter BubsyFan1, it works great and I like seeing those old rental store stickers as in many cases they are the last evidence of the old Mom & Pop and smaller chain rental stores before they closed up for good.
    Yeah, I just felt bad that the condition was much worse than I expected, and I didn't have time to get anything else because it arrived so late. Maybe I should loosen up a little, eh?

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