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Thread: Game Gear still doesn't work after complete capacitor replacement?

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    Default Game Gear still doesn't work after complete capacitor replacement?

    All caps were just replaced on all boards, and I just assume this would be the magic pill to fixing a very dead Game Gear. Well, the thing powers on, plays the game, great sound but... no picture. Just an all white screen, with extremely faint outline of the game. Brightness can burn turned all the way up or down, the picture just isn't there. Viewing angle doesn't matter, it's just washed out almost entirely. Really disappointing and discourages me from ever trying this again with another unit. Is the LCD really dead, or is something else on the board causing this problem? A transistor of some sort? Is there anything else worth trying or is this thing trash? The LCD swap is truly beyond my capabilities and if it's not a faulty LCD, then it would be all for nothing with this unit.

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    Unfortunately these repairs are not as straightforward as many online guides would have you believe. If the electrolyte leaked onto the brightness adjustment circuit, you can have other issues that would cause your problem. Also, a lot of the LCDs simply breakdown from age, being old active Matrix technology. I've repaired a lot of these, and I'd say only 2/5 are simple capacitor replacement jobs with cleaning.

    That said, please don't throw it away. You could donate it to me or somebody that does these repairs. Smspower.org is also a great resource for posting about this stuff.
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    I agree that I wouldn't toss it either. You already have half of the work done for a mcwill screen installation.
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