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Thread: Polymega Compatibility List posted

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    Default Polymega Compatibility List posted

    List: https://www.polymega.com/wp-content/...19_updated.pdf

    Important fine print:

    Games listed here have been tested for a minimum of 5 minutes
    Most compatibility lists I've seen for emulators, etc., start with a complete list of all games for the system and then mark games as compatible or incompatible.
    That format makes it easy to see which games aren't compatible. By contrast, the format Polymega has chosen makes it easier to gloss over what's incompatible. Anyone with sharp eyes notice a glaring omission from this list?

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    There's glaring omissions in these systems libraries. Seems like they got 90 percent of each CD system's library. I'm curious about some of the Sega CD games because some of them I have tried on Kega Fusion and they never worked.

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