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Thread: All generation compatibility in new consoles

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    PS4 All generation compatibility in new consoles

    Evidently the new Xbox and PS5 have been RUMORED to be compatible with all previous generations. If true this news is very exciting and I can imagine that it would invigorate collecting for Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

    I'm skeptical though. I'm figuring if it happens, they will require a subscription services somehow.

    But if these consoles are WILDLY successful, I image Nintendo and maybe, just maybe Sega will take notice. Granted Nintendo and Sega would have to build a Frankenstein monster of a console to achieve full backward compatibility. Ha ha not going to happen.

    Hopefully we truly get full compatibility with Xbox and PS5 and I can do more collecting.

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    Xbox SeX maybe native BC with Xbox One discs and PS5 might be BC with PS4 discs but the rest will be emulation like Xbox has been doing with 360 and original Xbox. They could do entirely emulation for all of it. We will be lucky if just the previous consoles (PS4/XBO) are native.

    Nintendo is currently enjoying the success with the Switch which is at 50 million sold in less than 3 years so they are fine on their own.

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