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Thread: Interview: David O'Hare (Advertising Specialist)

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    Genesis Interview: David O'Hare (Advertising Specialist)

    Goodby, Berlin & Silverstein's "WELCOME TO THE NEXT LEVEL" campaign, along with the legendary "Sega Scream," gave Sega the edge it needed to finally break Nintendo's monopoly on the industry and become part of popular culture. David O'Hare was part of that legendary campaign, and he shares his experience with us in this exclusive interview! Read the full interview for the whole story!

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    Great interview!

    I think in this passage he is referring to the famous Electronic Arts "We See Farther" ad:

    Well, I shouldnít say that no one had any video game experience. Thatís not true. I didnít have any, most of the creative people that worked on it probably didnít. Jeff and Rich did, I think when they had just started the agency, coming from Hal Riney & Partners, or maybe even as a freelance thing they were doing on the side. They helped Trip Hawkins launch Electronic Arts, and it was interesting in that the approach they took was all about the game designers. I can remember Rich had a photo in his office, and I canít remember who shot it. It might have been the famous rock photographer Jim Marshall, but they shot this black and white picture of this group of designers and developers. They shot them like they were rock stars. It was really heroic and really cool, and it had a lot of attitude. You have to remember; this was the early Ď80s. it was this kind of badass group of coders and designers. Man, they looked like freakiní rock stars! Thatís how they presented them. I think that might have been one of the first forays into elevating games and the people who made them.
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