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Thread: Wii DDR pad wire pinout

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    NES Wii DDR pad wire pinout

    So this one has my pride
    hurting, considering I
    made a Gamecube controller
    fit into a Nes rectangle
    controller a few years back.
    I'm trying to repair a
    cut cord on a Wii
    branded DDR PAD with
    a Gamecube controller
    There are 4 wires inside the DDR
    Pad which are less than the
    replacement cords.
    I can find the pin out for the
    Gamecube ports, but I'm
    having touble ringing out
    the Wii pad's wires.
    What I need to identify are these;

    The Wii DDR Pad has 4 wires:Bare, Blue,Red,and Green

    I found the pin outs for these,
    The replacement cable has 6 wires:
    Green (ground),Yellow(5v),Red(data),Blue(3.3v),Black(gro und),White(ground)....

    I'm happy for any pointers or correction
    in my assumptions....
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