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Thread: Analogue won't get my cash this time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sik View Post
    Mark III has the same slot, so I'd think there's more demand than it may seem at first (from people who own Japanese Master System cartridges, basically, especially anything region exclusive). That's still a small market but definitely larger than for the original SG-1000 :​P

    And now you're just muddling for the sake of muddling. People wanting to nitpick have managed to muddle to terms way more than anybody selling products (even Polymega — their mess was because they genuinely attempted to do the mixed FPGA+emulation thing and only later realized that it just wasn't going to work)

    This reminds me of how yesterday I was joking that if you don't have an early model 1 and a CRT you aren't a True Sega Fan™
    Well...you're not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wonder Boy View Post
    I posted in this thread several days ago, but it got auto-modded...

    Anyways, I intentionally waited to buy a Mega SG until the adapters were announced and I'm glad I did. When the dust settles, people have their replacements and they're back in stock I'll consider a purchase, but I'm not sold right now.

    And thanks for the report Azathoth! Good to know.
    I have gotten a lot of use out of mine, so no regrets. I really wish this had gone smoother with the GG adapters, though. It definitely was a selling point for me, and I'm a launch buyer who still doesn't have one (for no lack of trying). I will probably still be getting the Pocket, but beyond that Analogue now has something to prove to me - where they certainly didn't before.

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    I think it’s a rip off in more ways than one too. I say that as someone who bought it. However I later resold it.
    I had the AVS for NES games too. I sold that but that initially wasn’t as pricey.

    After I bought the MEGA Sg I tried the Hd retro cables with my real Genesis and that got me more than 75 percent to what i was getting out of the SG. Following this my mother in-law found me a crt at an estate sale for free. I tried it on a whim with my old Genesis. I put down my controller after a few mins and thought, “It’s all here. Everything I’ve been chasing. The look is right, the sound is right, the feel is right”

    Only problem is I got nowhere to store the CRT for the long haul.

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    Quote Originally Posted by genesisguy View Post
    Only problem is I got nowhere to store the CRT for the long haul.
    The struggle is real. I've got a couple and really loathe thinking about they day they die. You can only store so many backups without looking crazy, and over time it's just going to be old tech that's not really fixable.
    Quote Originally Posted by StarMist View Post
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