Just got these in the post today, and as I only need the Game Gear adapter I'm selling the two remaining items in the set:

MyCard adapter.
Mark III / SG1000 cartridge adapter.

So, with very minimal rounding up I paid 85 (including postage and import duty) in total for all three. Divided by three that makes around 28 per adapter.

I can sell each one at 30, or would do them both for 55, if the latter is chosen you can have the original packaging box that it came in.

If buying in the UK that would cover postage, if outside the UK we may need to negotiate a little depending on where you live.

I won't post pics, as they are exactly as on the website, and totally new and unused; I have only taken the Game Gear adapter out of the packaging.

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... It's short, but complimentary! Please PM me with any offers or questions