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Thread: PC Power Supply Help

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    You can get a windows 10 ISO for free from Microsoft's web site, if you want to do a clean wipe/reinstall of your OS. If you upgraded from 7 to 10, you should be able your new install of 10 using your old CD key or by logging in with your microsoft account, if you made one.

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    Assuming you're not a bot... Consider a Microsoft Surface machine. I got the revised Nvidia Tegra 4 Surface 2 for about $30-35 after shipping on Ebay plus the power supply included (wasn't mentioned either). Even though it's used, it manages about 6-10 hours after full charge, and full charge only needs about 90 minutes without use.

    Later I plan to do a small write-up or abstract about being prepared with a small IDE for Mars CD development. In the meantime here's something you might find interesting or useful as long as it's within tolerance of your machine fully saturated https://www.ebay.com/itm/DC-12V-250W...sAAOSwRSBd2ztp

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    System Restore has the dumb. A dirty reinstall is still my recommendation, as it won't really delete any files you have created, but ignore them. This means you'll have to recreate your user accounts, but it's a simple matter to move your files from the old user directories to the new versions.

    Alternately, buy a Win 10 key from ebay AFTER getting a Win 10 ISO (requires a dual layer DVDR) and installing Win10 on top of itself, and you can still use your Win7 key for whatever you like.
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    Thanks for the help, fellas. I'll get to work on a reinstall this afternoon then. Man, what a pain in the tuchus this whole thing has been. At least I've learned to make sure any future PC of mine will have a high quality power supply.

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