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Thread: (Dumb) Mega SG Question

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    Default (Dumb) Mega SG Question

    Maybe I am blind but I can not find an answer to this. If I hook up my Mega SG to my Sega CD, obviously I will need a power supply for both to use both. However, lets say I only want to use the Mega SG...it would be fine to unplug the Sega CD or would I still need to plug it in since they're attached?

    Being newer tech I just want to be safe. Or would it just be best to unattach the systems when I only want to use the Mega SG? I'm sorry for asking a dumb question but I want to be safe before trying it out.
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    I always let my sega cd plugged in, sega cd will turn on only when you play it or “run cartridge” with no cartridge inserted in the mega sg

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