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Thread: Limited Run Games rereleased Monkey Island for Sega CD

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    I'm more interested in the prospect of new longbox jewel cases than the actual game...
    Too bad it's Limited Run limited running. Can someone with a better business model please pick up other Sega CD games?

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    Got my copy through the other day. Not allowed to play it until my birthday though!

    I love getting new old games for my birthday or Christmas.

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    I actually got my copy in the mail about 2 weeks ago now maybe? The long box and insert feel like the real deal and the manual is of high quality. Even has a piece of foam to put over the center of the disc tray to prevent the manual sag that can occur. But I was a bit let down that the CD art itself is so simple with no color printing on it at all.

    I haven't put it into my actual SegaCD yet to play it, but it did work and load up just fine through Kega so I'm sure it will work fine in my actual SegaCD as well.

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    Speaking about this game, I wonder if a color hack to light the graphics a bit would be possible. Aside from its infamous loading problems, the Mega CD version is too dark, this is especially noticeable in the darker scenaries like most of Melee Island.

    I don't know what ScummVM exactly does to the Mega CD version but it does wonders making the colors more vivid and that would be ideal for the game running in original hardware if possible, unless it's doing something with the color palette that goes beyond the Mega Drive/Mega CD limitations, but that's not what ScummVM usually does when reinterpreting games, even if they are running in old, color limited platforms. I tried to ask this in their forums but received no answer.

    Obviously this would have been an awesome enhancement for this commercial re-relase, but I understand they prefer to keep it strict to the original release.
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