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Thread: Doom on the Saturn

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    I've never noticed mono sound on KOF 96, I should replay it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deckard View Post
    I've never noticed mono sound on KOF 96, I should replay it
    I just tested it emulated and it's mono (thought I might have got confused with KoF '97, but no), but I think I first noticed it because when I played it on my Saturn sound was only coming from the centre speaker. It doesn't have a mono/stereo option either.

    I've always wondered whether games like this were the same on all Saturns, or whether they worked properly on certain models. Golden Axe - The Dual sounds so bad through headphones that I don't know how the testers could have missed it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Coop View Post
    I remember renting Saturn Doom from a Hastings store where I loved at the time, after hearing how bad the framerate was from magazines. But when I played it, the framerate didn't bother me that much. The game just made the 32X version feel so lacking by comparison, that I almost went to Walmart to cancel my layaway of Saturn Hexen so I could get Saturn Doom instead. I was talked out of it, though, and eventually got to grab Saturn Doom from that same Walmart a little while later.
    Everyone remembers their first Doom experience. Mine was on 3DO, and I loved it.

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