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Thread: My Game Gear is becoming unplayable

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    That adapter looks sweet. I wish a cheap clone console would make a slot. Why can't retron just make a console for Game Boy, Game Gear, Lynx, and Neo Geo Pocket for like 80-100 bucks?

    Life!? ... What console is that on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by profholt82 View Post
    And it's much easier playing these games on a television. I'd actually been looking for something like this for years. How does Sega not have an answer to the Super Boy? It's unconscionable! Hahahaha

    Here she is in action, Star Wars is a great game btw...
    The beauty of GG graphics on large screens just makes me happy https://www.instagram.com/p/B4tNqv7FNOX/

    I've been playing some games from ROMs with the SG jailbreak until I can snag an official adapter.

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    Looking at that pic now, I should have checked the dither blending box. I forget to turn it on sometimes, and should really just save it in the settings at this point (just on its lowest setting helps a lot). It's just that on some games, that feature doesn't look right, but most of the time it helps tremendously. I was playing Xmen 2 Clone Wars over the weekend, and dither blending was a necessity.

    But looking at Obi Wan's face, you can see the cross hatch pattern. That blends together nicely and looks much better with the dither blending mode turned on.

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    I didn't realize Star Wars on GG was kind of a Zillion clone. Pretty neat.
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