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Thread: PlayStation 5 (Official Thread)

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    Quote Originally Posted by gamevet View Post
    And yet you don't seem to understand what that demo is showing. It's an engine that is doing things not possible using traditional graphics rendering through your GPU..
    Not quite true, Epic said themself's it can run on an RTX 2070. Overlooking the,t what you seem to miss is all graphic demo's show new effects with all bells and whistles, but when it come to a real game developer have to prioritise what effects to use and when to help the game run smooth.

    How many XBox One/PS4 games looked this good 1st Generation?

    No, because you can't base graphical power upon one single figure, or even 2
    If you're got more powerful CPU and GPU you're going to get better graphics if the Tech is used fully. I very much doubt my Series X is more powerful than your PC, just because I have the Super Fast SSD with Velocity Architecture and is way faster than your SSD for feeding data.
    So why you think that the PS5 will outclass every system just on its SSD, despite a power gap in the GPU, GPU is beyond me.

    I look forward to 6 months when hopefully MS gets it act together and really starts to show the power gulf

    I've ran Ray Tracing on Metro Exodus. Even a 2080 Ti will struggle with that level of Ray Tracing, and it certainly wouldn't be doing it at 4K/60
    It's for me the best looking game of this gen, but even on Curry's World High-end PC it had a few issues at 4K 60 FPS with Raytracing.
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    How good is Astroís Playroom ? This has to be one the most pleasant surprises Iíve had for a while in gaming.
    I was expecting a throw away title but I cannot put it down, pleasantly designed, addictive, varied and pulls on nostalgia strings. Would be happy to pay for a physical copy - top stuff.

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