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Thread: Classic Interview: Paco Pastor (Sega Spain President)

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    Sonic Classic Interview: Paco Pastor (Sega Spain President)

    This interview with Sega Spain President Paco Pastor originally appeared in the November 1992 issue of Mega Force. In it, Pastor, shares some candid opinions on Segaís products at a time when the company's European fortunes were on the rise. Itís an interesting glimpse into how Sega ran its business in Spain, a sector that doesnít usually get much press. Read the full interview for all the details.

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    He could be considered the "European Tom Kalinske". He had a great business vision for sure, not only because of his work in Sega Spain during the early to mid 90s, but also previously when he founded Erbe Software, one of the best ever Spanish videogame publishers, which make a strong position especially in the computer games industry and at a certain point, handling the SNES and the Game Boy consoles distribution in Spain.

    Also, he seemed to mirror some of Tom Kalinske's doings, since Paco was also allowed to travel to Japan and meet Nakayama and the rest of the Japanese board to persuade them of some interesting things. He persuaded them especially for the Mega Games bundles which were his idea, as that was a common practice in the computer games industry in Spain. Also like Tom, in the end, Nakayama seemed to get tired of him and didn't trust anymore of his ideas, prompting him to leave the company.
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