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Thread: Remembering Zaxxon: Gaming's Early Steps Into The Third Dimension

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    arcade Remembering Zaxxon: Gaming's Early Steps Into The Third Dimension

    Zaxxon is a true Sega classic that broke ground on many levels. From its innovative isometric perspective to its pioneering use of television promotion, the game redefined the space shooter genre in 1982. Decades removed from its historic debut, it's still a blast to play, proving that great games never lose their shine. Read our retrospective for more information.

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    One of the earliest things I recall seeing on TV was a Zaxxon commercial. I remember finding the game to be interesting when it was new, but I didn't enjoy it much at the time, preferring Tempest, Donkey Kong, and Pac-Man.
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    I remember the 1st time I saw Zaxxon at the local bowling alley. It kicked my ass, but I kept coming back for more. It's a top 20 arcade game for me.
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