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Someone was working on a Sonic Mania version of Sonic Chaos, but that seems to have gone from the wayside. What is the resolution like on the 3DS ports? I've been too cheap to buy Sonic Chaos for my 3DS.
That's too bad. Was there ever a mania port of Sonic 1 SMS? I feel like I saw that once but now I can't find it.

I'm using Genesis Plus GX to emulate the Game Gear, since the 3DS uses a 240p display and I have "Game Gear extended area" enabled it is pixel perfect resolution, albeit with a black border on all sides. You can use filters but the only one I need is LCD ghosting, which makes it look more like a 90s era display.

I know the hardware purists won't approve but for me it's good enough to enjoy the games. When Sega announced the GG Micro I wish they had done something like this, release one normal-sized unit with say 20 games, make everything run at SMS resolution with the GG palette, fix a few bugs, I would have bought that.