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Thread: Sega President Hayao Nakayama’s New Year Speech 1994 (for the Sega history nerds)

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    This is present in a few threads (and the rest of the Internet), especially when it comes to certain hardware discussed on this site.
    Benefit of hindsight shouldn't grant anyone smart-ass privileges :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Moham View Post
    Exactly. Whenever I see someone coming out with "Sega (or whichever company) should have done things differently", I can't help but wonder where any of these people work. Every company I've ever worked for has done nothing but engage in arguments, disputes and politics at every level, and yet everyone seems to think that their favourite company is supposed to be different and should have made the right decision with the small amount of information available to them at the time (and yes, by small amount of information I mean in comparison to 30 years of hindsight available to you in the present day).

    Come on people, think about what its like at your own workplace, and then imagine what it must have been like working for Sega 30 years ago. You would still have to work with the dickhead who wants to throw his weight around, most of the staff would be nice to those above them and nasty to those below them. People would still be terrified of reporting problems, professional jealousy would still exist. Incompetent people would still be in positions of responsibility and somehow all these morons are supposed to keep the company on track.
    That's an excellent point and one that frequently slips my mind. You're right, when we think about our favourite companies we don't think about them being like the companies that we work for. With all the bitching, back stabbing, confusion, incompetence and corporate arse licking that goes on. It's the same in any company.

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