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So many of those games looked impressive back in the day but were bloody terrible to play. I get way more fun out of cheesy FMV games like Night Trap than I do out of on-rails shooters like Sewer Shark. Games like Night Trap, although obviously severely limited in the gameplay department, still feel a lot more interactive than on-rails shooters no matter how pretty the graphics.
I loved Night Trap it was really quite the party game, I remember back when I 1st got it on import me, my brother and 2 best mates playing it and then even my mother and uncle joined it since no one had a seen FMV with real human actors before and we were all amazed at it. Silly now, but back then Night Trap was quite something. I enjoy most of the FMV games but never liked Sewer Shark at all, I thought that was poor along with Novastorm on the Mega CD

Cobra Command and Surgical strike did it so much better than Sewer