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Thread: Genesis FPS engine

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    Yeah. That Doom-on-an-Everdrive-pro thing is nice, I guess, but also pretty boring, since it's obvious that the cart is doing all the heavy lifting there. Now making an actual honest-to-God FPS engine that runs on a stock Genesis is far, far more interesting.
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    An engine coded for a stock Genesis is indeed way more interesting, I'd love to see someone make a simple Aliens like shooter with it or something.

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    Agreed, I've always wanted a bash on AVP, Jaguar style and I'm sure the old girl can pull off something like it with aplomb. Bloodshot was good, but a bit stiff in places, but really shows what you can do on the machine, and almost full screen too.

    Sik's latest project looks very interesting as well, a version of almost any classic FPS could be pulled off in that style I'd bet. Let's not forget Wolfenstein 3D, amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blake00 View Post
    Oh wow! This is a great to see!

    I was a big fan of the Wolfenstein Genesis/MD project and was wondering if it would lead to someone attempting to do Doom, as hard as that may be.

    Now that people can easily play MegaCD/SegaCD games on their Megadrive's thanks to the MegaSD it's lead to some interesting fan projects (eg all the MD+ stuff) and I find myself wondering how it would go if some supremely talented individual attempted a Doom project utilizing the MegaCD's extra CPU and it's sprite rotation & scaling abilities. When most people think of the MegaCD they think of bad FMV games but it had some real 3D gems like Thunderhawk, Soul Star, F1 Beyond the Limit, Adventures of Batman & Robin, and of course the well known Sonic CD special stages and Batman Returns driving sections. I think the only first person shooter game on Sega CD was the port of Bloodshot which I don't think they did much of anything (other than music & some bug fixes) to enhance it over the Genesis version sadly, missed opportunity!
    Well the way the Doom engine works "may not" take any advantage related to sprite capabilities. For example the engine works drawing walls vertically in one step, and later in a second step it draws objects (Enemies, barrels, ammo etc.) in back-to-front order, and again vertically, it uses the wall slice distance saved in a structure in the step one to solve if the slice of the current object is in front or not.

    Now it will be a exercise to see if drawing vertical strips of objects with SegaCD sprite function faster than drawing directly through the DMA.

    So in the end using the SegaCD CPU it can help to increase the speed, but maybe the Sprites capabilities will not.


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