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Thread: Riven for Saturn

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    Quote Originally Posted by roce View Post
    Why not? PS1 video was always MJPEG, since it had a hw block for that, and probably nobody bothered trying to do a better encoder than Sony's.
    Well Sony FMV hardware was awesome and I can't recall any Saturn game having better FMV even with TrueMotion, until what Blades showed

    Quote Originally Posted by Blades View Post
    Me too. I don't really have an explanation, but there it is.
    Never expected that tbh, but I've never seen the PS version.

    Can you post this interview or say where it's from?
    It was in one of the lesser mag's maybe something like Saturn Power. I can't recall exactly and most of my mag's outside of EDGE/Saturn Mag are in my mum's garage.
    It wasn't a big piece and just about the decent bit of info was Sunsoft saying ADX helped with the port compared to Myst on the Saturn

    Never heard of it, I'll have to try it.
    Its amazing, more so if you like the Monty python style of humour and ace voice acting. Saturn port is done very well too, the only trouble is that been Pal optimised and doesn't play well at 60Hz and the Saturn version only came out in Pal land

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    Saturn version is lower res, its black level is off (removing several background details), with less colors and much more pixelated in scenes with intense motion (such as in the "roller coaster" one).

    By the way, those are facts not opinions.

    It's really not difficult to notice the downgrade:



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    Originally I played Myst but for reasons I can no longer remember I never tried Riven.

    Only recently I decided to give a go at Riven and also had many of the questions that were asked here in this thread.

    I have been doing some testing with the psx version of Riven but I have to say I am disappointed.


    Well, the only good thing I found was the increased horizontal resolution (512x240 I think) but that wasn't enough for me to ditch the saturn version, which btw I actually prefer.

    The psx version uses some sort of dithering/gouraud (?) on the darker areas of the still pictures which, IMO, simply ruins the visual quality I was expecting.

    (I tried to hack the SLUS file and patching the disc ISO to remove it but sadly it didn't work.)

    Additionally, the integration of the animated frames or movie sequences with the backgrounds is a mess and makes some details harder to see (doors, handles, buttons, holes) even when compared with the lower resolution of the saturn version.

    What did the trick for me was playing the Saturn version on a 90's CRT television (sony trinitron type) and watching from a certain distance. The sharpening filter boosts somewhat the less defined textures, while the "absence" of scanlines gives a clearer, more natural picture. It definitely feels like an enjoyable and successful home console version.
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