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Thread: Recommendation for Screws Under Labels

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    Default Recommendation for Screws Under Labels

    In electronics in general, it's pretty common for screws to be under stickers, or rubber feet, or otherwise hidden. You never notice it under normal use, but 20 years later when you're trying to take apart a console to replace caps and remove batteries, it can be a pain in the butt.

    Normally I try to preserve small stickers or original rubber feet while leaving the screw(s) accessible for the future. But in some cases, the screw is in the center of a big label, and I don't trust my sticker removal skills over that large of an area.

    What's the best way to handle a screw hidden under a large label? Do you try to preserve the label, or make a minimly invasive hole in the label?
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    When it comes to consoles, specifically the Xbox, which has a screw under a sticker on its underside, I consider the sticker to be an acceptable loss. Should it come to Atari games, I would make a new label from vinyl sticker "paper", as the original labels are usually in terrible shape, and in the case of Activision carts, the original glue has likely turned to dust.
    When it comes to the rubber feet, I just peel them up and leave the adhesive film wherever it originally lied. Should it go MIA, I'd use rubber cement to replace it, as rubber cement is sufficiently tacky, but can be easily removed if needed.
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    You might dry warming it with a hair dryer, and peeling it. Sometimes the heat can loosen the glue enough to peel it cleanly.
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