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Thread: Verytex, Gunstar Heroes JP, big box PC games, BeMani PS2 controller

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    Opa-Opa NES, PC big box & other, SEGA imports, BeMani controller & 9th Style

    Hi all,

    I'm in the process of moving to another home and trying to clear up space, and after digging through storage I found... a bunch of stuff I forgot I put in! I'd prefer to make money to put into savings and buy some other things, and since the move is happening soon I'd like to try and get things sold soon, so I've posted these in quite a few places.
    I realize I don't have a lot of posts on here, so if anyone feels uncomfortable with that, I can provide a link to my AtariAge and OfferUp profiles (where I've sold quite a bit).

    PayPal only, and please pay with payments for safety on both our ends - Friends and Family has no buyer protection.
    Some prices are incl. shipping (for US only) since I know about what they'll cost, for prices that aren't, just PM with your zip code and I'll check for you soon ^^
    I prefer US transactions since I'm in the US (Washington), but can do international. Just please be ready for very long wait times, upwards of 1 month waiting to get from US to wherever you might be, which I unfortunately had with a package to New Zealand. It arrived safely but it was pretty scary for both the buyer and I x_x
    Pictures available for all items, as well as lot discounts.



    The Legend of Zelda Gold Cart - $80 shipped (NES, CIB, map unused, 3 screw version, oval logo, REV a)
    (this is going off eBay listings for the same version, in the same condition - pricecharting is way lower since it seems to have listings from other revisions and even totally wrong games?)
    Double Dragon II - $50 shipped (NES, CIB, back of box has small tear in top corner)
    Super Mario Bros 2 - $45 shipped (NES, CIB, no styrofoam)
    $275 for all the CIB games
    Super Mario Bros 3 - $12
    Ninja Gaiden - $12
    Ninja Gaiden II - $9
    Blaster Master - $5
    Metroid - $12
    $45 for all the loose games
    or $315 or all shipped

    Verytex - $75 shipped (Mega Drive, no manual) (purchased from used game store, have legit board pics to verify)
    Gunstar Heroes - $60 shipped (Mega Drive) (purchased from Solaris Japan)
    Detana!! Twinbee Deluxe Pack - $22 (Saturn, import)
    Sub-Terrania - $12 (Genesis)*

    Beatmania IIDX 9th Style - $17 (PS2, import)
    Beatmania Controller - $60 shipped (PS2, controller only)
    Another Century Episode R - $10 (PS3)
    Lethal Skies - $2 (PS2, disc + case only)

    PC big box:
    Jane's USAF - $15 (CIB, includes IAF in jewel case only too)
    Jane's WWII Fighters - $10 (almost CIB, missing Play Guide, has sprial bound manual still)
    Jane's Longbow Anthology - $20 (CIB)
    Jane's Fighters Anthology - $15 (CIB)
    Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun - $20 (CIB)

    The Wheel of Time - $8 (CIB)
    MechWarrior 2 Titanium Trilogy - $70 (CIB)
    Battlezone Gold Pack - $35 (CIB)
    Star Wars Rogue Squadron 3D - $25 (CIB, jewel case missing inserts)

    PC Small box/DVD:

    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 - $7 (small box, CIB)
    Tribes Vengeance - $5 (small box has wear on back)
    Quake 4 DVD - $5 (sleeve is worn)
    Medal of Honor 10th Anniversary - $5 (case is worn)
    MechWarrior 4 Clan Mech Pak - $7 (new in case)
    Command & Conquer The First Decade - $5
    Command & Conquer 3 - $3 (UK version)
    Elder Scrolls Oblivion Game of the Year - $5
    Tomb Raider Anniversary - $2

    PC jewel case:

    I'd like to sell these as one big lot if possible. $30 + shipping, or $2 a game.
    Demons Gate - $2 (jewel case + inserts + game only)
    Freedom Fighters - $2 (jewel case + inserts + game only)
    Rainbow Six Rogue Spear + Expansion - $3 (jewel case + inserts + game only)
    Earthsiege 2 - $2 (jewel case + inserts + game only)
    Cyberstorm - $2 (jewel case + inserts + game only)
    Army Men - $1 (jewel case + inserts + game only)
    Havoc - $3 (slipcase + inserts + game only)
    Pod - $2 (slipcase + inserts + game*only)
    Shadow Man - $5*(jewel case + inserts + game only)
    Supreme Commander - $3 (jewel case version)
    Ghost Recon + Expansion - $3 (cardboard version)
    Star Wars Battle for Naboo - $2 (jewel case release)
    Star Wars Jedi Knight Dark Forces II - $3 (jewel case release)
    Grim Fandango - $5 (slipcase only)
    Quake II - $4 (jewel case + inserts + game only)

    Enclave - $3 (Xbox)
    Ghost Recon Advanced Warfare 2 - $3 (360)
    Xbox Live Arcade Unplugged - $3 (360)
    Hunter the Reckoning - $2 (Xbox, game only with jewel case and reprinted art)
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