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Thread: Obscure PS1 JP Experience Games

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    Default Obscure PS1 JP Experience Games

    I’ve recently found out that there were some early 3D games for PS1, and even some later ones, that were pretty much an experience as opposed to a game. For example:

    -Aquanauts Holiday (1995). An underwater exploration simulation. This one was later localized in ‘96.

    -Kaze No Notam (1997). A hot air balloon “simulator.” Pretty interesting with lots of early 3D scenery.

    -LSD Dream Simulator (1998). A bizarre representation of the dreams the creator logged in a dream journal over ten years.

    Most of these titles stayed in Japan. Are there any more of these? I think they’re really unique, and mostly exclusive to the dawn of 3D graphics and the PlayStation.

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    I adore Ore no Ryouri on the PS
    Panzer Dragoon Zwei is
    one of the best 3D shooting games available
    Presented for your pleasure

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