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Thread: Review comments not working

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    Default Review comments not working

    Current site issue: I'm unable to comment on reviews and articles, despite logging into WordPress and doing other things successfully (e.g. submitting a review).

    (To be clear this is about the comments underneath reviews and articles, not the forum threads.)

    If I try to comment on the review directly, it says I need to log in; if I attempt to reply to an existing comment, it gives me the option to "CLICK HERE TO CANCEL REPLY", but there's no text box in the first place in which to type a reply.

    I've tried three different browsers with the same result. Barone has also reproduced the problem on his end.

    Melf is aware of the issue and thinks it may have something to do with the site theme. It's not clear when the issue started -- perhaps sometime around June or July of this year.

    I'm posting this thread so that (1) anyone else who experiences the same problem knows that we're looking into it, and (2) anyone who might have a workaround can suggest it.

    (This is following up on post #19 from this thread, now locked -- a decision I agree with, BTW, as that thread had more than run its course.)
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    Yes, same here : I am logged in in my WP account, I see the confirmation of being logged in at the top of the screen, yet when I try to leave a comment or hit the Reply button on an existing one it says "You must be logged in to leave a comment". Maybe there was a WordPress update that broke the comment plugin?
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