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Thread: Just played thru Zaxxon 2000 for the first time

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    Default Just played thru Zaxxon 2000 for the first time

    Doing some reading on the 32X I had heard the only real shmup was kolibri, and I was glad to find out this was wrong when I found Zaxxon 2000. They basically took everything that worked with Viewpoint and expanded on it and showed off what the 32X could do with polygons and other effects. People tend to think of this game as average and nothing special, and I think part of that is that its a bit unintuitive when you first jump into it. The game became twice as fun when I went into the options screen and picked my favorite button layout, turned on autofire, and used an arcade stick controller. And it really wasnt long at all before I adjusted to the slow speed. R-Type is slow but well loved, and this is fun in the same slow methodical way. Some things I didnt like about it is the hit detection is not so good, there is zero recovery time when you take damage, and sometimes enemies come from an edge of the screen and kill you before you know what happened. Still though, its a fun little game that can really showcase the 32Xs power. That flying head boss is so cool, too bad its the hardest part of the game. Overall, 8/10.

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    I enjoyed this one too, agreed you need to tinker with the options to suit your style, I also notched it down to easy but it was still a tough one to beat even on easy.

    The levels get pretty varied, I enjoyed the water level, but cave/rock level is interesting but frustrating to play.

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