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Thread: WTB: Sega Genesis BIG lot(s)/instant collection with shipping to Europe

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    Genesis WTB: Sega Genesis BIG lot(s)/instant collection with shipping to Europe

    Hello everybody,
    I am looking to buy big lot(s)/instant collections of Sega Genesis Games and stuff, with shipping to Europe.

    Let me know your proposals, thank you in advance!

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    This is my collection across all 3 regions. Pricecharting values it at EUR 420 + 307 + 4752 which comes to EUR 5479. If you paid with paypal, I'd apply a 12% discount to that (dropping the cost to 4821), and charge 178 for shipping.

    So EUR 4999 total for 121 games, all boxed, the vast majority with manuals. The real shipping cost would be much higher, but I'd cover the difference.

    If you paid with IBAN, the discount would be increased further, to 15% because I wouldn't have to pay Paypal fees.

    So the total would then be EUR 4835.

    I'm not sure which games are missing manuals, I'd have to open all of them to check. I'd apply a further discount depending on which ones.

    If you're interested, I'll take photos for you. I also have a boxed PAL 32X console in great condition, a US-NTSC SEGA CD that's been modded with a region switch / multibios and a PAL Mega Drive modded with a region switch.

    I sold all my Saturn games here recently if you check my post history. And here's my ebay feedback: https://www.ebay.ie/fdbk/feedback_pr...llyourtribbles
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