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Leaving Neverland is one of the worst things ever produced though.
It was promoted as a documentary, however, it shows always only one side of the story and that's always of those with very, very questionable personal lives and reasoning themselves.
Those people and their parents have a lot more explaining to do than MJ himself.

On the one hand, one most the most popular and successful artists in human history.
Who had been a hard worker, talented and successful artist as a kid.
And also a hard worker, talented and successful artist as a teenager.
And also a hard worker, talented and successful artist as an adult.
He was black and came from a very poor childhood.
He did have, without a shadow of doubt, an abusive and exploitative father. And bothers who lived off him and his success pretty much his entire life.
He also had battled serious health issues for decades.
Guy was also, as proven, assassinated when he was working hard for a triumph return.

On the other hand, parents who wanted to make easy money off their kids and didn't really care about their well being, to the extent of letting them go anywhere and do whatever was required to them without their supervision.
And kids who were temporally famous and successful only thanks to MJ's support and who failed miserably in all other aspects and phases of their lives, in deep financial trouble just a couple years after being dissociated from MJ.

I will also add this: I can't guarantee that MJ was a squeaky clean individual, but I'm sure that in his industry and also in gaming industry there were and are a lot of really bad people who started pole position in life and never accomplished anything of value; yet this poorly raised, abused, hard-working, black genius takes all the blame all the time. And he can't defend himself because he's dead now, assassinated.
But a lot of mediocre people keep making a lot of money off him and his wonderful creations.
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