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Thread: Sega Lord X and the Dreamcast in year 2000

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    Quote Originally Posted by gamevet View Post
    The Dreamcast pad was horrible. The hard plastic everything wasn’t that comfortable either. They should have just brought over the 3D controller from the Saturn.
    Yes, spot on. I think that was the plan too until SEGA did some silly focus testing and people said they didn't like too many buttons. The DC pad at the very least should have had Twin sticks. When you need to fight back to win consumer support you do not need to make silly mistakes like cancelling 400,000 Pre orders in Japan, Poor joypad, rushing out software like with Rally 2
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    Yeah, I watched that video since I get recommendations from X on youtube.

    And you know the first time I've heard about Dreamcast was years ago watching this video, (although not on youtube - which is where it is now) where they give a thorough explanation of the Dreamcast, how they fought with EA over sports games, how they burned Sega fans, and how at the end Sega was so desperate that they were giving away Dreamcast for free if people would subscribe to their online playing service

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