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Thread: Sega Genesis Mini on old T.V

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    Default Sega Genesis Mini on old T.V

    I have an old General Electric T.V from 1996 that only has a connection for a coaxial cable. I also have a RCA to RF adapter for game systems that have RCA jacks only.
    I need a HDMI to RCA adapter to play my Genesis mini.
    I went to London Drugs and was told that no such product exists and it was impossible to do, he then said I might be able to find something on the internet, but the picture quality would be so poor that Iíd be better off buying a new T.V for it.

    Iíve seen videos on YouTube where people have used these adapters, but Iíve also read reviews of some of these adapters where people say they donít work and that some electronics are incripted and wonít work.

    Has anybody tried the Sega Genesis Mini with an old T.V and where did you get the adapter.

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    I think that with the money you spend for such a converert you can easily buy a second hand megadrive and a AliExpress multicart or a second hand pc monitor with hdmi (and speakers.) Why convert a high quality digital source to the lowest quality analog output?
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    Yeah, HDMI to RCA converters do exist but theyre honestly terrible. I bought one at Best Buy and the conversion looked unusable. Lots of rainbow banding and artifacts. You are best off getting an original Genesis console and using that with the older TV. It will look much better.
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