I need help.
Recently I took apart my MD and SCD model 2 to clean the insides, since there's like 10+ years I did this for the last time.
No leaked capacitors and, after all the process with brush and isopropyl, I assembled everything and only the MD was turning on. Tried to change the power supplies and tested both with the multimeter and they're OK, almost 13,5V. Also, cleaned again the expansion slot and no results.
I took the CD apart again leaving only the main board and checked the main components, like the fuse. I have no idea on how the voltage should be on some parts, like the regulators, but everything seems OK testing with the multimeter with the system hooked on the MD and turned on. The CD led doesn't even blink.
Since I was getting out of ideas, I started to check the smaller resistors on the back of the board and noticed how a few of them doesn't display anything on the continuity test. For example, R423 gives me the value, but R491 just bellow shows nothing. Same of R302/R301 (fine/nothing):

Could these be the problem? Also, is there something I should look on my MD M1 that also could be the cause of this?