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Thread: Unpopular Opinion: Ecco Cart Soundtrack was better

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blades View Post
    Someone should ask Brian or Spencer.
    Yeah would be neat to hear more about that, I'd love to hear why both soundtracks are so very different. (maybe to give the CD buyer a new experience?)
    It would honestly not surprise me if that was the reason, so yeah I'd love to hear more about his mindset when he was writing both soundtracks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cafeman View Post
    As good as the CD soundtrack is, the original cart music had more personality and mood to it. I enjoy them both, but the CD soundtrack isn't 'better' other than being CD quality of course.
    Yeah, you and Neovamp hit the nail on the head.

    EDIT: Wish I could re-word the poll question now to "Which soundtrack do you prefer?".

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