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Thread: Do you guys like Eternal Champions CD?

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    The big character change that stood out to me in ECCD (apart from Shadow's much more conservative costume) was the overhaul of Midknight's moveset. He was interesting in the cart version, and his moves looked pretty unique, but he was so, so, awkward. That jumping heavy kick that boosted him upwards and made it nearly useless... grrr! After the changes he was my favourite character in CD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Silanda View Post
    Unless I'm misremembering things in my old age, in one respect it's certain, which is what I'm referring to. If the AI taunts you, you lose the ability to do special moves as your inner strength gauge is exhausted. If you taunt the AI, the gauge is exhausted but it carries on regardless. I'd call the AI ignoring one of the game's (almost) unique gameplay mechanics in a way the gives it the advantage, cheating. I can't remember if this is still true in ECCD, but I don't remember it bothering me there.

    Outside of that it supposedly plays quite cleanly except it has impossibly fast reactions (one frame reactions apparently). To be fair to it, it's hard but I don't notice obivous cheating in the AI behaviour itself outside of the inner strength exploitation. It's nothing like the unfair dickery that is the arcade version of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (Chun Li just cancelling her spinning bird kick, WTF?).
    Cool, thanks for the info. Yes you're right about the IS thing in the first EC, and not on Sega CD (not sure the exact details of how it works on CD but the whole IS thing is a non-issue. I just haven't played for a really long time.).

    But yeah otherwise Eternal Champions makes such an emphasis on its real-world fighting styles that I'd expect the gameplay to be fair in terms of characters' actions.

    And I think it seems that way.

    Whereas in SFII arcade, the AI will usually break its own rules of character actions, like I remember that AI Blanka would shoot forward but without first charging back, which is how the move is performed by a human player.

    So I'm not sure exactly if I think that that's lame, or not.

    But anyway EC also has so many tons of moves that its characters can probably just cycle through them all, effectively enough, without also cheating. That's what I'd expect, anyway.

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