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Thread: Playing Wonder Boy in Monster Land via Converter

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    Default Playing Wonder Boy in Monster Land via Converter

    I 'd like to play Wonder Boy in Monster Land on my Mega Drive via the Master System Converter.
    The Converter manual states that I need the original Master System pad to do this. I've also read on the internet about problems when the game is played with a Mega Drive pad.

    My questions are:
    Does the game work properly when it is played with the Sega Control Stick (not pad) via Converter (I assume it should, but I want to make sure before I buy the stick)?
    Are the any Mega Drive pads (including third-party controller) that work with the game?

    (I'm using an European Converter and a PAL model 1; although I don't think that regional differences matter in that regard.)

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    I'm pretty sure the original Sega Master System Control Stick will work for Monster Land with the power base converter on your Sega Genesis/MD just the same as the original Master System gamepad... bit it's not a great joystick.

    The best option would be to buy Kirkzz Joyzz Wireless Controller Gamepad:


    It's compatible with Master System games and it's an incredibly good gamepad. I highly recommend it.
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    Funnily enough I bought an original Master System gamepad for my Mega Drive for this very problem haha. Wonder Boy 2 was my favourite master system game so I was devo as a kid when I discovered it didn't work on my Mega Drive with the converter. However several decades later a couple of years back I saw on a forum that Master System controllers work with Mega Drives for converter games so I hit ebay and got one. Sure enough it worked great and I can play Wonder Boy 2 on my Mega Drive with no probs!

    I also saw on a forum that apparently you can play WB2 with a mega drive controller if you chop/cut one of the button cables but I wouldn't recommend that.

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