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Thread: Dragon Force (I and II) improvement/difficulty hacks

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    Alex Kidd Dragon Force (I and II) improvement/difficulty hacks

    Like most of you, my favourite game for the Saturn is Dragon Force.

    I was watching the latest review of SegaLordX of Dragon Force, and he said something that I had already realised before: the game was much more fun when I did not use cheap strategies.

    I have zero experience in game hacking, and I realize it requires a lot of time and effort (I would be available for debugging and helping in other ways), but I'll leave some ideas here for anyone willing to do:
    1- after winning an enemy party, the enemy party starts to run away; it shouldn't be possible to pause the game and immediately launch a new party to capture the escapees; the enemy party should be invincible in the first few seconds after starting to run away, or the player shouldn't be able to launch a new party on the first seconds after winning a battle (the time could be the same time as the winning pose lasts).
    2- when I control a troop of archers or mages, after defeating the enemy troops, I just leave my troops a few steps from the enemy general on standby and firing at him, the enemy general doesn't have the opportunity to defend himself; in this situation, I think the enemy general should just escape the battle before loosing to much health and improving is chances of not being captured.
    3- maybe dragon crests and other good items could be a bit more difficult of obtaining, like requiring a general with higher level of search to have a slight chance of finding them.
    4- enemy generals controlling mages/archers could be smarter; when the player is spreading his troops to the outside of the field to avoid them from being hit from far away, if the player orders his troops to advance while on the outside of the field, the enemy general should also spread his troops to avoid being pinned.
    5- I feel that enemy generals always use the same strategies, and don't try to pin the player or ...
    6- I use very often my generals special attacks while my troops are passing through the enemy troops, to avoid them from being devastated before reaching the enemy general; troops should be able to fight themselfs while special attacks are being made, or troops should stop where they are while special attacks are being made (this last option could also improve the number of troops hit by those special attacks that always appear on the centre of the field, don't know if that would be a good thing or a bad thing).

    I believe that these modifications to the game would improve it's replayability and enjoyment.

    I would prefer a hack for the Saturn version, but if the PS2 version is easier to hack, I wouldn't mind that.

    Any one have other suggestions?
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