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Thread: Is the Amiga CD32 worth it?

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    Default Is the Amiga CD32 worth it?

    I've been kinda sorta maybe thinking about actually trying to acquire one out of curiosity. However, I know for sure that I don't want to get into collecting for another system where all the games are super ridiculously priced, be it for good reason or no. So after doing a bit of poking around, I still can't find out whether the CD32 has disc copy protection, or if there are any available mods to be able to load the games.

    If so, what games if any, would you recommend if one actually did own a system?

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    According to this, CD32 has no copy protection.

    Don't know anything about games on the system though.

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    No copy protection, the best games are straight Amiga ports sometimes thatís a good thing sometimes itís not as the controls are not optimised for a pad. If youíve not got much experience of the Amiga library the CD32 is good as you havenít got all the disk swapping hassle.
    Ps. Stay away from the horrendous SF2 Turbo port

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    I donít recall who it was (Kamahl?), that had mentioned, with the addition of a keyboard and a mouse, youíre pretty much have an Amiga 1200.
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    One of my biggest regrets was getting rid of my CD32 which I actually was given from a mate for nothing. Alien Breed is ace and also really enjoyed Jet Strike on it
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