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Thread: eBay Prices 2006 vs 2021 - Had a laugh at this!

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    Sniping is the only way to play auction sites, except for places like GunBroker, ironically, which increases auction durations when there are bids during the final moments. The logic is, you know your limit, and won't engage in re-evaluating your position like a sucker. If you don't win, then you forced someone else to pay more. If you win, then you probably never had to pay the max you felt comfortable in paying. The only downside is this only works when you're free to post a bid. So, sleeping, working, and driving can make you miss auctions unless you have some 3rd party assistance bidding in proxy for you. Which is something I will never do.
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    Right, never allow a 3rd party.

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    2 years ago I bought a model 1 Mega Drive with 2 controllers and official rf and power supply for 20 at a franchised second hand shop, and on Ebay I got a Super Famicom with 2 controllers for 20 delivered, sure I had to retrobrite them but what a bargain, does have jailbars too but prices have gone up.

    I even remember newer consoles like the PS3 going for 30 or 40 with a control pad 2 years ago but now about double that.

    A few games around early to mid 00's that weren't that common (not necessarily rare) from say the PS1 I may of got 40-80 for, now they go for 150-200, I do remember back then when I sold one for 70 when the going rate was 70-90 and getting lowballers saying "its a old game therefore I offer 20 inc postage for it" and check on their username/email addresses and they had online presences like on Ebay where they would sell the same game for the higher end of its value i.e I asked for 70 they would want 90 or even 100 for one in worse condition.

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