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Thread: Sega CD Capacitor Replacement Help

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    Sega CD Sega CD Capacitor Replacement Help


    I'm working to replace the capacitors in my SCD model 2, and I ran into a little roadblock. On the laser board, these two capacitors' labels are ambiguous, I can't tell which circle is which capacitor. I know their sizes:
    • C548 - 100uF, 6.3v
    • C581 - 47uF, 6.3v

    Would anyone be able to pop their unit open to help me identify which is which?

    Console5 (where I bought the kit) only has a diagram for the main board, not the laser sub-board...

    Also just FYI, there are two SCD model 2 variants, each with two laser board variants. For my SCD (the Sony variant), there is the Optima 6S laser board (which mine is, all laser board capacitor numbers are in the 500's), and the Sony laser board (with all capacitor numbers in the 100's), so if yours doesn't happen to be the Optima laser variant, thank you for trying anyway!
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