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Thread: Game Gear not working after capacitor replacement

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    Game Gear Game Gear not working after capacitor replacement

    I have an old game gear that didn't work at all when I first bought it last month -- no sound or picture. I went through and removed all the capacitors (several had leaked), thoroughly cleaned all the leaked electrolytic fluid, and replaced them all. Now the sound is working perfectly (I can hear the game running), but I'm barely getting any picture. If you hold it at an angle and put the contrast wheel at just the right spot, you can just make out that something is on the display, but it's barely visible.


    I've gone through and triple checked that I used the right size capacitor and have the polarities all correct, so I'm not really sure what to check next. I don't see any solder bridges, so I'm wondering if maybe the leaked electrolytic maybe damaged some other component? Or maybe is it possible for the LCD to just go bad? I've found a few posts for this issue elsewhere, but no definitive solution. Any suggestions on what to check would be helpful!
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