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Thread: Masters of the Universe reboot

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    Default Masters of the Universe reboot

    He-Man is getting a reboot (although it's not the first one)

    I loved this cartoon when I was a kid in the '80s, so I wish they kept the style of drawings as it was in the 80s, they changed his chest symbol (it now reminds me of Hordak's symbol)

    But still, it brings back memories, as I remember back in the 80s I was on a summer vacation and seeing another kid like me but wearing He-Man's armor and he wore it properly with no shirt underneath it. I thought "What a cool kid."

    It was fun being He-Man until we learned there is a similar word "hymen" so whenever we would say "I'm He-Man" everyone would hear that other word (because in my language those words sound identical).

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    2002 had a good reboot. This looks good unlike most esp that She-Ra trash. I like that it looks animated with detail. Not CGI. Not some shitty overly simple look. Looks exactly how it should be.

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    I believe Kevin Smith is the showrunner for this. And I read something about it being a continuation of the original 80s series, not technically a reboot, although I'm not sure what all continuity there is to maintain because I haven't watched the original series in years. I'd like to check this out when it drops.

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